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windscreen chip repair cost

Repairing A Chipped Windscreen

Your vehicle’s windscreen is significantly more important to the vehicle’s performance and structure than you may realize. Nothing is more infuriating than coping with a chipped windscreen, even if you are a cautious driver. We’ve all been the victim of an infamous pebble being tossed from the driver in front of you, causing a terrible chip on your windscreen. You’re angry and irritated and need to figure out the windscreen chip repair cost, or do you have to replace your windscreen?

Does My Windscreen Need Repairing Or Replacement?

First and foremost, you should determine whether your windscreen can be repaired rather than replaced, as this may be more cost-effective. Among factors that need to be considered are:

#1 Damage Location

The chip’s position can influence whether or not your windscreen is repairable. For example, damage in the driver’s line of sight may not be salvageable since the procedure produces distortions in the glass that can obstruct the driver’s field of vision. In addition, any damage that stretches to the outer edges might also cause damage. However, it can be fixed In most circumstances if the damage is addressed quickly.

#2 Size Of The Chip

With today’s superior technology, we can repair most chips. At Ker Auto Windscreen Specialist, we can effortlessly fix any chips on the windscreen with a diameter of roughly 2.5 centimeters. However, it is impossible to repair a chip that has penetrated the exterior and inner layers of glass. The sooner you address a chip, the better your chances of fixing it.

#3 Severity

If your windscreen has been damaged severely, remember that it may be beyond repair, and you will have to replace it. In addition, if a chip is left ignored, it can spread, resulting in leaks and, eventually, shattering.

How Much Does A Windshield Repair Cost?

Unlike replacing the complete windscreen, the windshield chip repair cost is unaffected by the brand or model of your vehicle. On the other hand, if your windscreen needs to be replaced entirely, the cost is likely to be higher. The replacement cost is determined by the size and availability of windscreen glass for your car’s make and model. In addition, suppose your vehicle includes assistive technology such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which will need to be recalibrated after the new windscreen is placed. In that case, the replacement cost will be more expensive.

Get Your Windscreen Assessed Now

We cannot emphasize how important the integrity of your windscreen is. Any chips on the windshield put you and others on the road in danger. Check with your insurance provider to see if your insurance covers windshield chip repair cost or a windscreen replacement. A windscreen chip repair cost may vary depending on the degree of the damage, so getting a professional evaluation is usually a smart idea. You can bring your vehicle to one of our workshops and have one of our specialists look at it.