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Windscreen Insurance Coverage: What Should You Know?

One of the essential parts of a vehicle is the windshield. And once cracked (depending on where it is cracked), it can hinder your sight. This can lead to dangerous circumstances as you won’t be able to see oncoming vehicles and other dangers on the road, especially if the weather is terrible. Windshield cracks, caused by debris and harsh weather, are one of the most common car maintenance difficulties. As a result, if your car’s windshield is cracked, repairing it is less expensive than replacing it. Repairing your windscreen will be determined by factors such as the location, type, thickness, and size of the fracture or defect. The windscreen replacement cost is more expensive than repairing a windscreen. This is because, when replacing a windscreen, workshops need to order the windscreen based on your car model and specifications. The windscreen will cost more for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This is one of the reasons why people put off windscreens because they’re too expensive.

Should I Replace Or Fix My Windshield?

Windscreen replacement is sometimes required, mainly for safety reasons. When inside your critical vision region, a crack can be mended if it is less than 25mm long. While, outside of that area, cracks can be repaired if they are up to 100mm long. However, if the crack is in the driver’s essential line of sight, it could be fatally distracting, and the most preventative measure is to replace the windscreen. The critical vision area of the driver can vary based on the height of each driver of the car; our specialists will consider this so that the vital sight area can span most of the windscreen.

How Can I Save On Replacement Costs?

Check your insurance policy, or if you can’t find anything in regards to windscreen coverage in your policy, call your insurance provider. Windscreen replacement cost coverage is not always covered in plans. If you believe your policy covers it, read the fine print to understand the differences between windscreen repair and replacement under your policy. To ensure that drivers maintain their windscreens, insurance companies may waive the excess if they choose windscreen repair over replacement.

Few Things To Take Note Of When Insuring Your Windscreen


#1 Over And Underinsurance

Don’t over-insure or underinsure your car’s windscreen. The problem with underinsuring your windscreen is that, while you save a little money on premiums, your insurance provider will only pay up to the sum covered in an accident. This may not be sufficient to pay the cost of a new windscreen. The disadvantage of over-insuring is that you will spend more on premiums than necessary.

#2 Your Cover Ends When You Make A Claim

The windscreen cover does not end when your main comprehensive car insurance policy ends. Instead, it ends as soon as you have filed claims and reached the sum insured. To enjoy continuous protection, you will need to make a new purchase. If you made a claim but did not reach the total sum insured amount, you may continue to get coverage for the remaining amount.